My Meditation Tapes

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These meditations are spoken by Christine and  are based on Joshua Stone’s teaching.They were prepared by Christine for her students and are recorded in a studio and have background music.  Ask if you are ready before using them. There are 4 meditations Cosmic Ray, Lady Masters, Ascension Meditation and Ascension Seat Meditation.
Cost: $A 3.99 payable on Paypal. Send details via

Beyond Ascension

Beyond Ascension

Cost is $a 3.99 payable to my PayPal account:: Christine Deacon’s Healthy Lifestyle Homepage and email me with the details:

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Beyond Ascension has 8 meditations based on Joshua Stone’s books.

1. Visiting Djwhal Khul’s ashram

2. Building your Light Quotient

3. The Arcturians technologies

4. The Ultimate Ascension Meditation

5. Light Packets of information

6. Group consciousness

7. World Service Meditations

Merkebah Meditation $A 3.99

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